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galeon vip noche pirata

Do you want to live for a whole day the real life of the Pirates? Then sail with us on the exclusive 24 meters Galleon of Corsairs along with the characters of Noche Pirata. While the ship of Jack Sparrow will sail along the island to promote the promotional parade of our party, you can interact with the show or to sun on the deck and get refreshments at the restaurant and bar. Once at the Bay Beach Club, home of the disembarking, you can choose to stay on the Galleon to celebrate, sitting at the table and served by our Pirates, or go down and join the party at the beach.

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story noche pirata

"La Noche Pirata" was born from an idea by Sandro Sabatino alias Sandro Replay, known Italian organizer and Mc (master of ceremony). The project started conceptually on the summer of 2014, inspired by the association of the " Sbarco dei pirati di Cadimare " that, in five years, has managed to bring to a small town of 900 people more than 30,000 visitors. Sandro sees the possibility of transforming the historical event in a FORMAT adapted to the most exclusive parties and clubs . Then on August 30, 2014 organizes the party "The night of the Pirates" at a beach on the famous Tuscan-Ligurian coast (the Schooner Beach) transforming the waterfront into a phantasmagorical den of pirates. After the great success of the Party Sandro Replay driven by love he has for the island of Ibiza and Formentera (also linked to a historical fact because in 1876 the Balearic Islands were infested by pirates) involves members Federico Maccione, Cecconi Simone and Roberto , in the adventure of the "Noche Pirata" to turn a dream into reality. Noche Pirate awaits all of you in Ibiza from 30 June 2015, do not miss it! Or we will come and pick you up !


concept noche pirata

Fishing nets, barrels full of gunpowder and spirits, candles and bottles of rum, ancient treasure chests filled with jewelry, chandeliers, skulls and skeletons, pirate flags, cannons to defend the bay, fireworks, the pillory and the gallows hangman faithfully recreated the world pirate. On the horizon, lit by the moonlight, stood the Galleon 5th oar with, at the helm, the spooky silhouette of pirate Jack Sparrow. Dinner pirate all fish and Grog (the drink of pirates), figures that personify pirates, privateers, buccaneers ready to battle, and the soldiers of the King in action to defend the bay. A fantastic animation, in the first phase of the evening also suitable for families, with a colorful crowd of fire eaters, jugglers and trapeze artists always dressed as pirates, fireworks and final battle between pirates and soldiers of his majesty. The evening soon becomes enchanted, in a kaleidoscope of colors , thousands of people of all ages and social class, dressed as pirates themselves, transform the party into a film set. What a night guys! The crowd is ecstatic and enraptured by the beauty of the performance, and participate with passion and warmth to the party. Visitors mingle with appearances, dancing and playing around to compose a unique and compact crowd which no longer understands where reality ends and fantasy begins where. The bonfires on the beach help to make the atmosphere even more charming and engaging.


concept noche pirata

Our mission is to land on the island of Ibiza and Formentera and recreate, along with Clubbers from around the world, the suggestion of our Italian party, making it one of the most important Party of the island. But not only Clubbers, the goal is to engage in landings on the island, in addition to nightlife lovers , people of all ages, including families and travelers making them feel for a night part of our Pirate’s crew. From midnight until the morning the show of the disco, with two areas, in the 1st Commercial House with international DJs and in the 2nd Minimal House with famous Italian dj. The guys go wild in dance with the presence of the protagonists of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, David Jones and the ghosts of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Seeing is believing, a crazy resemblance !!!!

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nioche pirata - pirate 4 a night

Would you like to become a "Pirate for a Night" by participating in parades on the galleon, beaches and in the center of Ibiza? To join our party FREE , dressed and rigged by our staff ? CONTACT and book your trip on and Captain Jack Sparrow will wait for you on the Black Pearl.

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